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“Tested for Contaminants”

The certificate “tested for contaminants” guarantees that a manufacturer’s products meet the statutory minimum requirements (e.g. Ordinance on Hazardous Substances, chemicals prohibition regime) as well as further test requests of the TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH (TRLP) with reference to the contaminant content

The examination for the certificate “LGA- tested for contaminants” consists of an emission test and different material tests according to the certification criteria of the egological product examination of the TRLP.

For emission test, the following pollutant emissions such as formal­dehyde or volatile organic compounds are measured and evaluated in addition to the general pestering odour.

The material testing identify and measure among other:

  • The biocide content of cover fabrics, for example
    • Penta-, Tetra- and Triclororophenol in leather and
    • Lindane, Pyrethroides and Permethrin in wool fabric.
  • Azo dyes in synthetic fibres and leather
  • Flame retardants for PU foams, as the heteroatoms chloro, bromine and phosphorus
  • Hard metals such as chromium in leather.

If the strict codes are met, i.e. limit values and bench marks are undercut, then products are proven non-toxic to protect your health at work.

After the successful certification, the production site and the product is supervised on an annual basis.