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Premium Seal of Health Award: Aureo chair

Centre for Preventive Medicine in Bad Kissingen

The ZPMed execute, as neutral testing institution, a rating of convenience goods. Only products already tested by the LGA/TÜV and certified with the GS- and ergonomic label will be tested. The Certification of ZPMed will only be issued to products which contribute to the health promotion.


ZPMed considers itself to be a central information station for all topics of health care and health promotion. ZPMed is a part of a health network and proofs on request with cooperated medical specialists, products which meet the requirements of preventive medicine. In the positive case, ZPMed award the product with the preventive medicine confidence seal as “health product”- recommended by the centre of preventive medicine”

Preventive medicine or preventive care is a medical science which refers to measures taken

to prevent illness or injury, rather than curing them. The aim is to reduce the frequency of

chronic illness in the population.



  • The seal will be awarded only to high quality products which are declared as health support products.
  • The seal has no purchasable character
  • The products are inspected by qualified professionals of the preventive medicine (in particular the biomechanics, the pain prophylaxis, and the positive effect on the musculoskeletal system are considered)
  • The user benefits from the preventive health support product Good reasons to argue for the “Premium confidence seal

Certificated premium products provide even more vantages:

  • A manufacture attest his leading position on the respective market segment
  • The user recognizes the high quality and makes personal benefit from it

The „premium confidence seal” for a health product

What is the meaning of this award?

The objective is, to award high quality products of a respective product group (State of The Art), and to give a decision support to the exacting user.

Qualification and handout

Only products obtain the premium confidence seal, which meet the requirements of the

Confidence seal and above all, which provide evidence of a leading position in their product

group. The seal will be awarded only once for one product group.


The utilisation of the premium confidence seal through the seal holder isn’t subject to

restrictions. Products and/or packaging can be labelled after verification as health support

product. Even the advertising is permitted without restrictions.


The authorisation to hold the premium confidence seal is retained as long as no other product

of the same product group can prove to be better