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The new solar panel system starts operating. Our 3.700m2 photovoltaic roof system, with a total annual capacity of 182.000kw/h, saves 125 tons of CO2 per year compared to the conventional power plant


Launch of ANTEO® Renewable Task Chair This 4 in 1 task chair spans a wide budget range from executive to back office. 4 replaceable different backrests, 4 replaceable seats, 4 replaceable armrests. Matching Conference chairs are available.


Ecological flat roof with a new photovoltaic solar panel system


Launch CONSITO stacking meeting and breakout chairs.


Launch AUREO® and CALIXO® chairs designed by Angelika Seeschaaf (Foster + Partners)


An unbelievable team:  10 years Ergonomic and Sales Training 35th sales training event at the training centre in Rödermark


Rebuilding and renovation of the Production Facility